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Citizen engagement for Minneapolis neighborhoods

I am a board member for the Lynnhurst Neighborhood Association in Minneapolis. We are looking to get greater engagement in the neighborhood from our ~5,500 residents, and we'd like to measure some of that. I'd like to develop a suite of apps like Adopt-a-Hydrant that we can launch on our website as part of neighborhood marketing campaign. The idea is to give people a set of activities they can engage in to help out. Adopt-a-drain would be the same idea as with hydrants (keep leaves and debris out of the storm drains to keep lakes clean). Adopt-a-tree, as we've seen many boulevard trees planted that are not maintained by the city.


I also am involved with MSP FairSkies, and I'd like to have an easy way to give people a template for collecting data on the impact of airport noise on their lives. I have tested the idea myself, and need to find a way to scale this.


All of these ideas are something I would then personally take to the other neighborhood associations in the city to get traction, several of which I work with today.


FYI I am not a coding/tech guy - I'm a strategy and communications guy, so I need help in developing and executing the ideas.



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